Rooney frieze off flat bench Savior England 1-1 Italy


Italy and England warm-up Juventus Stadium in Turin, the two sides shake hands 1 to 1. The first half, Rooney hit the crossbar, assists Manuel Chiellini headed home. The second half, substitute midfielder Tottenham Townsend tied. Mason England debut contribution assists. Val di Carly and naturalized players in Franco – Italian Vazquez staged the first show.

Italy and England nearly 12 encounters only two losses (7 wins, 3 draws), last year’s World Cup group match 2-1 win. Captain Gianluigi Buffon flu heal. Pellet composition Ed and new front, the two played a total of only three times, leaving only midfielder Damian, Val di Carly staged the first show. Defensive line, pull Nokia replace Barzagli. Starting 11 scored only 12 goals, defender Giorgio Chiellini 6 goals ranked first in the two sides starting in second only to Wayne Rooney (47 goals).

England’s previous seven-game winning streak since 2006 to create the best 8-0 record. November 2013 1-0 at home in Germany after negative warm-up match unbeaten in six games (four wins, two draws). 4 guest Turin 0-3, the only win was May 1948 4-0. Baines, Milner, Sterling, Welbeck injury early return to the club. Walcott since September 2013 for the first time the national team debut, Kane was the first time England starting. Jones replace Carrick. Hart goalkeeper played 50 times.

Juventus Stadium there is a large gap. Italian first shot on quite threatening, the first 10 minutes, cutting inside the left and get rid of two Damian cross, 帕罗洛 leaves out a record 27 meters in front of the ball, Hart Satisfy a single beam. The first 17 minutes, Chiellini left straight, Damian breakthrough Klein, left the restricted area outside the instep pass, Jiajierka robbed in front of Ed Feichan siege.

England’s first shot almost succeeded, the first 21 minutes, Delfina cross from the left post of Kane headed back rub Walcott, defender first to destroy, Rooney closed front volley hit the crossbar back rub! After 1 minute, Klein on the right pass, Henderson volley hook shot is to get Buffon. The first 27 minutes, Rooney on the right to fight back pass, Walcott pulled Nokia edge of the area, stopping a shot flying block.

Italian 29th-minute lead, Chiellini left to get rid of Jones biography, Pellet 9 meters at the door before the dot pitch header into the far corner rub (Click to watch the goals video), 1-0. Manuel has not scored in the Premier League in 2015, but the campaign is less than half an hour into the 3-match games the first two goals. Chiellini nearly two-match games in a row assists, and had 36 official matches (national team and clubs) only 1 assist, he was involved in Italy near the 8-ball in the 4 balls (two goals, two assists). England game nearly nine goals have six header.

Gibbs and Pellet has a license to eat. Smolin exit wounds, no warm-up direct Ruti Carrick, Jones changed play halfback. The entire first half, Walcott is outside parties goalkeeper touches the ball (14 times) and passing (6) the least.

The second half, Walker replaced Klein. The first 50 minutes, Damian left Luneiqiesai ball, Ed nine meters away from the door stopping Tui through the crotch Hart, but Hart was denied by hand, fell Jiajierka rescue, Pellet blank range misses to the left. The first 50 minutes, Rooney Road closed ball, Gibbs left side of the small-angle hit the side net.

Buckley replaced Walcott, who touches the ball only 14 times (including twice tee ball). Conti put Franco – Vazquez, Abate, Yinmobilai, Franco – Vasquez also became the first 45 naturalized Italian internationals. Wei Ladi, Townsend, Moretti, Antonelli, Mason also suffered on stage, this is Mason’s national team midfielder Tottenham debut, Spurs four selected players are on the court. The first 72 minutes, Gibbs left oblique long pass across Chiellini, Rooney unloading the ball 16 meters away from the door volley was closed out Buffon. The first 78 minutes, Italy takes the corner on the right, in front of Jones siege almost Oolong.

England tied the score 79 minutes! Townsend received a club teammate Mason pass, 22 meters in front of the left goal post volley posted net (Click to watch the goals video), 1 to 1. His three national goals are long shots from outside the box this season in the national team warfare scoring (2) the club has more than one.

Since then both sides have missed the opportunity lore. The first 81 minutes, after Gibbs field left a long pass, Italian defender siege mistakes pad to Rooney, Rooney left the restricted area Tui was Buffon single-handedly closed out! The first 85 minutes, Antonelli and Yinmobilai and Vazquez row with oblique slip left the restricted area far post.

Italy (3-5-2): 1 – Gianluigi Buffon (captain) / 13-, Nokia, 19- Bonucci, 3 Chiellini (72’24- Moretti) / 18- Florencio Qi (61’2- Abate), 16 Paluo Luo, 14 in Val di Carly (67’10- Wei Ladi), 8 Soriano, 4 Damian (72’5- Security East Nelly) / 17- Ed (61’23- Franco – Vazquez), 20 Pellet (62’9- Yinmobilai)

England (4-3-1-2): 1 – Hart / 2 – Klein (46’15- Walker), 6 Jiajierka, 5 Smolin (44’16- Carrick) 3-Gibbs (88’19- Bertrand) / 8- Jones, 11 Delfina (70’17- Townsend), 4 Henderson (74’18- Mason) / 10- Rooney ( captain) / 7- Walcott (55’20- Buckley), 9 Kane