Rocket bench also his most stable

Houston Rockets vs. Denver Nuggets, two teams fighting four, the final rockets to 125 to 124 win over rivals, three consecutive days of the Nuggets. The Rockets bench Substitute Erik-Gordens performed well, the audience played 32 minutes, 9 of 5, three-pointers 7 vote 4 get 18 points and 3 assists(click 2k17 mt points).

Gordon this season after joining the Rockets, he averaged 16.4 points for the team attack. Which averaged 9 three-pointers shot, hit 3.4 three-point long shot, this data for Gordon career highs. It is by virtue of his excellent performance in the three-point line, the Rockets smooth attack was able to protect the All-Star third Division champion is also an important title to prove its strength.

On a game against the Nuggets, Gordon 7 vote 4, three-pointers 3 vote 1 get 10 points, the performance is not particularly eye-catching. The campaign for three days with the opponent for the second time, get enough rest and return home to Gordon, opened the offensive mode.

Just opened 5 minutes 07 seconds, Gordon after playing in the top of the Biao Biao in mind a third, sounded the Rockets attack the horn. In addition to personal attacks, Gordon also used to break through successive teammates sent a fine pass. Sub-section 8 minutes and 16 seconds, Gordon use Capella cover breakthrough to the basket, follow-up of Capello received his teammates pass, his hands vigorously box, for the rocket to enhance morale.

The Nuggets have scored 10 points in the second quarter and have been leading the way at the end of the third quarter. Into the fourth quarter, Gordon’s play for the Rockets chase points played an important role.
Distal 11 minutes and 23 seconds, Gordon on the right side of the arc connected to the Louis – Williams pass, raised his hand to try to shoot three points, the ball across a perfect arc, fell directly into the net nest. Then the Nuggets mistakes, Beverly ball advance, Gordon once again throw the ball three points, the ball hit, the Rockets to achieve a go-ahead.
10 minutes 03 seconds, Gordon reciprocated, Beverly appeared in the vacancy, he received Gordon pass, did not hesitate to hit a record three points. Gordon’s two-thirds and one assists, led the Rockets to play a wave of 9 to 0 attack wave, in one fell swoop will opponents stop.
Gordon’s role in the rotation has strengthened the offensive strength of the rocket bench, especially at the crucial moment he came forward. Let people see the traces of the best sixth man of the mt