Rocket “ahead of time” to win the Lakers to ignore the combat power

NBA stadium ushered in a “focus” duel! At present the West ranked the bottom of the Lakers will be guest Houston challenge the rocket. From the gambling company out of the latest odds point of view, the Rockets win has been as low as 1.01, the Lakers win compensation was 16.6, no doubt the Rockets have “ahead” to win the game victory(click nba 2k17 mt).

The season so far, the Rockets to 46-21 record in the third in the West, second only to the Spurs and Warriors. In the last game, the Rockets 117-112 Lectra Knight, after losing to the Spurs and Jazz after winning a wave of two straight.

It is worth mentioning that the Rockets will be held in tomorrow’s 50th anniversary of the event to commemorate the 2007-08 season rocket’s 22 straight. And coincidentally, the Rockets was defeated the Lakers to get the team’s first 22 consecutive victories. For the game, the Rockets team up and down a strong war, anxious to win the Lakers to commemorate the day gift.

Compared to the raid against the rocket, the Lakers situation will be much worse. Rockets as low as 1.01 victory undoubtedly shows that the gaming company has completely ignored the Lakers combat power. Lakers in the season also had away with the Warriors and the Spurs had a battle, when the Warriors and Spurs home win losses were 1.07 and 1.12.

At present, the Lakers have been determined to leave the playoffs, coach Wharton said it will test the rest of the season in the game lineup, and will not let the center Mozgov played. Mozgov is the Lakers in the summer of the important signings, but the Russians did not seem to play their corresponding worth. This season, Mozg played 54 games, averaging only 7.4 points and 4.9 rebounds, in the team five important data statistics (scoring, rebounding, assists, blocks, steals) only blocks can be discharged to the first Three, the rest were unable to enter the top five. Can be seen, Mozgov and the Rockets played a battle or not, is not the key to the Lakers win or lose.get more