Robin van Persie leave 3.4 million eligible officially announced signing earth giants three years


Soil over giants Fenerbahce official announcement, the Manchester United striker Robin van Persie officially joined the team, according to media reports, Van Persie’s transfer fee of 3.4 million pounds, the two sides signed three years, the Dutch will be wearing the new season Fenerbahce No.11 jersey.

Fenerbahce main  last week have confirmed the transfer procedures have been completed, Van Persie arrived in Istanbul on Sunday after a routine physical examination by team prepared for him, today officially became Fenerbahce sign one, this is the summer to buy a second Fenerbahce former Manchester United star, Nani had already joined the team.

Van Persie joined Arsenal in 2004, opened his 11-year career in the Premier League, although talented, but Van Persie has suffered constant injuries. Since the 2010-11 season, Van Persie began to usher in the peak of the season he played 33 times scoring 22 goals, demonstrating a quality super shooter. The next season, 2011-12, was appointed as Arsenal captain Robin van Persie, but he is to hand over the Gunners career masterpiece, played in the league last season attendance slammed in 30 goals, glory when the league’s top scorer last season, and Arsenal enter the top four.

After the end of the season, Robin van Persie in the pursuit of the Premiership title, selected to 24 million pounds worth joining rivals Manchester United, in which Lifanpeixi quickly conquered the Red Devils fans, the April 22 game against Aston Villa, Robin van Persie hat-trick helped Manchester United ahead won the league championship, which is the league title Block 20, the history of Manchester United, Van Persie scored 26 goals the season, top scorer in the Premier League for two consecutive years was elected.

Ferguson then announced his retirement, which is as good for Manchester United and Robin van Persie huge blow, Manchester United in the Champions League Moyes rule did not enter, Van Persie himself again into the ongoing cycle of injuries, had just spent this season, Van Gaal took over too Van Persie did not make rejuvenated, and even once to sit on the bench, which ultimately chose to join Fenerbahce.