Real Madrid legend behind Messi

Messi at Barcelona is undoubtedly a success, but for his performance in Argentina, many people do not recognize, for Macy bear no small pressure. Recently, the former Real Madrid player and coach Jorge Valdano was behind Messi, he bluntly small flea been made a scapegoat. At the same time, he believes that some talents do not lose Messi Maradona.

Valdano once the identity of the player and the coach, have helped to get over the Spanish champions Real Madrid, at the same time, he leads the way Real Madrid legend Raul. It can be said, it is a downright Valdano Real Madrid chiefs. However, he still has another identity, that is Lionel Messi admirer. In last year’s World Cup and the Copa America, Argentina has reached the final of the finals, but with the Pampas eagle can ultimately missed the championship. Many fans and disappointed, put spearhead a Ge Meixi Argentina. See Messi suffered a lot of criticism, Valdano was behind idol.

Valdano said: “As far as I know, people need heroes, but it also needs a scapegoat, Macy’s role is to convert between the two roles when the team win, Messi is the hero, who would he. conduct worship on the altar, but when the team loses, he will be people on the altar as a victim of his shoulders, the pressure of the whole nation, then he will be very difficult to enjoy the game, you know the game, but with more than 40 million people staring at him (Argentina’s population). ”

In Valdano opinion, Macy body pressure is too great, which is obviously not conducive to the normal functioning of Macy’s. For this, Valdano example: “Even the Brazilian Ronaldo, he is a smart, interesting, fascinating players in the 1998 World Cup finals before, but somehow he’s in a coma, his encounters are now. Unable to explain scientifically, but I think he should be the nervous system too much pressure. ”

Finally, Valdano also with Diego Maradona Messi were compared, he said: “Messi and Diego had the same body size, Diego led the team won the World Cup in 1986, in fact, people are more memories of his performance in the game against England. At that time, Maradona some extent play the role of a national hero, the divine vengeance aura he represents football complicated, which makes him unrivaled access to public emotion, but Messi with Maradona obviously had a similar talent. “