Real Madrid 1 + 1 scheme given alternative Degea


Qi Cheng surveyed fans that Real Madrid should wait until next year to sign De Gea summer, while Real Madrid are close to signing an alternative: Espanyol Casilla.

According to the survey, “Aspen Daily” website, at 13,000 fans that 70% believe that in the new season with Real Madrid should play the main Navas, and wait a year to go free to sign De Gea, but not in the summer flower a lot of money from Manchester United [microblogging] [microblogging] buy.

Training camp in Australia, Navas has returned to training, he told Real Madrid, they are not ready to give Deh Adam bench, if Degea come, he will seek to leave.

Real Madrid have in fact prepared an alternative, “Marca” and “Aspen” also disclosed that Real Madrid are close to signing Espanyol goalkeeper Casilla. The latest development is that Real Madrid will offer upgrade from 4 million euros to 600 million euros, the negotiations have entered into “an advanced stage.” Spaniards also want Real Madrid attacking midfielder Asensio added to the transaction, the latter end of last season just Mallorca to join Real Madrid.

“Aspen” said, according to Real Madrid, “1 + 1 for the record,” after signing Casilla, the Spanish and the country will share the gatekeepers Navas
Duties, it is possible to arrange Casilla hit La Liga, Champions League Navas hit.