Ramos is about to renew completely angry Manchester United

Ramos distance contract with Real Madrid has been getting closer, perhaps even just a matter of time. According to “ABC” message, Ramos has been the Real Madrid president Florentino assurance team left, and promise not to contact with Manchester United, the differences between the annual salary is also close to agreement.

However, in this seemingly happy story, the biggest loser is no doubt that Manchester United. Ramos signed for Manchester United have done their best efforts, they not only give more than 40 million of the official offer, even once requested Ramos to Real Madrid showdown initiative.

Manchester United this thoroughly angry, and they think they became a tool Ramos to complete the contract. According to “Daily Star” reported that an unnamed Manchester United insider said: “Ramos betrayed Manchester United, and now it seems, he seems to be playing a game, in the end he wants is a Real parts of the new contract, but it seems from the current situation, he will soon be able to do so re-signed as a player like him, we believe that such behavior is unacceptable. ”

Ramos poaching after hopeless, Manchester United to Real Madrid made a comeback, according to the “Daily Mail” message, they decided not to sell to Real Madrid this summer but the Degea stay strong year.