Owen James Wong comeback 30 minutes downturn

End Knight (40-15) five-game winning streak. LeBron – James is not in the state, the audience only 5 of 18 shots, had 12 points, eight rebounds and five assists, turnovers reached six times. Kevin – Loew had 24 points and seven rebounds, Carey – Owen 30 points and five assists(more 2k16 MT).

Pistons (28-29) ended five straight. Starting five in double figures, Reggie Jackson – had 23 points and four assists, Caldwell – Pope 19 points, Andre – Drummond 16 points and 15 rebounds, Marcus – Morris and care Tobias – Harris each had 14 points.

Last Lufkin scored 29 points and 11 rebounds, feel good today, the first section had 14 points for Houston, but the Cavaliers did not made any contribution on the defensive, Jackson scored 12 points for the Pistons, the first section of the Cavaliers to 28 -33 behind.

After the opening, Loew will hit consecutive shots, one arranged before 4 points. Owen on a sick leave early, but fortunately did not cause illness, today still the starting lineup, he and James have been shot, the Cavaliers to 14-10 lead. Jackson inside and outside the bloom, the piston gradually overtake.

Pistons in five games before losing streak, while the Knights five straight, but Pistons today in good condition, Drummond control the basket, and inside and outside the bloom Jackson et al., The first half with 56-49 lead. Caldwell – Pope 6-6 in the first half, scored 15 points. James Section only once out of a scoreless first half, only 6 points.

Section there are 2 minutes 44 seconds, Lufkin vote with a penalty scored 3 points, the Cavaliers only to 47-48 behind. But then they just hit a ball, hit back 8-2, the advantage will be expanded to 7 points. source:nbamtcoin