Next Drogba Mourinho regret is that he does not regret

Lukaku is one of Belgium’s help in behalf of the players, his talent and strength already let him in football has a huge reputation. Everton tonight’s game against Southampton, xiaomoshou again stunning the world, he scored twice in the wonderful performance, helping the Toffees in the 3-0 victory over rivals.

Face Southampton, Loukakou Taifashenwei. Match the first 22 minutes, restricted the right of internal division sent a cross, Loukakou kissing rushed the ball directly into the top far corner. This goal is very exciting, xiaomoshou of high-speed plug and domineering header into the far corner, all of great beauty. Match the first 45 minutes, Lukaku again scored a wonderful goal, Buckley ball back, Lukaku under the other five people ran out of air when the double-team, then he ball near the line of area after direct kicker shot, the ball straight into the bottom right corner. Game just past the half, then scored twice Loukakou lay the foundation for the team victory.

Of course, the wonderful performance Loukakou can be more than that. Match the first 28 minutes, after his ball up front, in the face of double teams three straight out of the final in the penalty area before the ball cross-knock, keep Barkley won a great scoring chances, if it is the other goalkeeper play brave, Lukaku will be able to harvest an assist. Match the first 84 minutes, Lukaku attracted to each other after a defensive player, the ball lightweight do to Coleman, assists Barkley scored after cutting inside the latter. In this way, Loukakou with two direct goals, and instigated a performance goals to help Everton 3-0 victory over Southampton.
The game also has a footage that Lukaku before the game warm-up, accidentally shot the ball a Southampton female fans, the result xiaomoshou immediately ran up the stands, to the female fans in the hug, he wants to take to express his apologies. Fortunately, the accident did not affect the play Loukakou, but he kicked out of a stunning game. After the match Everton boss Martinez also use this joked:. “Perhaps Loukakou Before each game, he should hit a female fan”

It is worth mentioning that, after Lukaku scored twice in the game, became the most goals in the Premiership Belgian players. Prior to this record is held by Liverpool new signings this Turk, before he gains 42 Premiership goals at Villa effectiveness. Now Lukaku scored twice staged after the play, he became the Premier League goals 44 goals, he also became the most goals in the Premiership Belgians. To know Loukakou only 22 years old, as long as he can keep his own pace, he said the record will almost certainly continue to refresh it.
For Loukakou terms, and now he is in a steady upward channel. After the game he scored both domineering header (first ball), but also to take advantage of post moves and ball launched into the air when found dead (second goal), but also acts as a fulcrum to attract defensive player of the ball (third ball), is it not a good thing to do right center? ! Loukakou this game, Drogba almost called the replica. Before people he called Little World of Warcraft, it is counting on him to be the next Didier Drogba, Lukaku who now finally slowly with Drogba’s shadow.
See stunning performance Loukakou, Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho mood is bound to be complex. What he did under pressure, they argue that the xiaomoshou sell Everton. Even recently, Mike Mussina also criticized the Loukakou. He said: “You can go ask Lukaku, who ask why they left, I think if they were honest, they would say that they are afraid of real competition, these players can not and some big-name players to compete for the position . “Perhaps Mourinho was right, but his words did not deny the fact that Lukaku is growing as a center of excellence.

Leaving Mike Mussina embarrassing is now Chelsea are suffering, “Feng shortage” of pain. Striker Diego – Costa recent being trapped in injuries, physical condition is not in the best condition. Falcao, not to mention the fragile body so that he was no longer brave. In this case, the apparent lack of a healthy Chelsea excellent center. If at this time was still Chelsea Loukakou array, then Mourinho will not need a headache for the striker position, need a headache, I am afraid, it is about to play against Chelsea with Manchester City. But time can not be reversed, although Lukaku will still wearing the blue, but it is not already Chelsea shirt.