Nearly seven games hit three points 23.7%

According to “San Jose Mercury News” reported that recently this time, the Warriors star Stephen – Curry’s shooting is very low, but this did not affect the Kuuri’s self-confidence, he said in an interview today that he will continue in the game Stop shooting until you hit. Over the past seven games, Curry’s three-pointers 76 vote in 18, hit rate of only 23.7%. For the library that is considered to be the strongest shooter in the history, it should be the most depressing time in his career(click buy mt).

A lot of people are saying: Curry’s shot slipped. “I never used the word down,” said Curry, “because it means that I am almost losing my confidence.” Obviously, I want my shot to be better, to hit the shot, hit But when I wake up this morning, I will not go back to what happened in the last 4 and 5 games. “” I’m just throwing some of the ball.I can usually throw the ball, Do not go in now, and I will continue to shoot until they hit. “In the outside world, Curry recently feel bad and Kevin – Durant’s injury caused by the absence, but Curry does not think so. “When he was in the field, he clearly offered a great deal of support, but most of the time we were able to create a good shot, and since he was injured, we played In some games, such as the Bulls, the Knicks, the Eagles and the Celtics, we had too many mistakes in the fourth quarter of the Celtics, and at other times we could create some good As long as we continue to do so, I believe we can find a way to throw the ball, “said Curry.

Today, the Warriors will be at home against 76 people. Faced with such a relatively weak team, can help Curry find shooting confidence? “No, we can inspire the best performance of every opponent.I’m sure we will encounter a very vicious 76ers.For us, the focus will be how we in the field on the implementation of tactics and play energy.get more