Muller lore stoppage time equalizer Levante

The first two Bundesliga games start 5 contest, Bayern reversed 2 to 1 Hoffenheim. Folland opening 9 seconds break, Muller hit the post, then tied the score. The second half, Vidal shot and frieze. Boateng handball inside the penalty area two yellow end, Polanski penalty column. Muller top of the column. Costa Levante stoppage lore assists off the bench.

Other screenings, Bayer Leverkusen 1-0 victory in Hanover; Schalke 1 to 1 level home in Darmstadt, Wolfsburg away 1 1 level Cologne; Frankfurt 1 to 1 level home in Augsburg ʱ??

Bayern last season from the beginning has always ranked top five, is expected to become the first team Bundesliga team leader for 1 year. But Bayern were recently two Bundesliga away defeat (2-0 Bayer Leverkusen; Freiburg 1 to 2), the last team three straight road dates back to the Bundesliga in 2007. Compared with the last round, Guardiola only replace a starter, Goetze replace Levante, Muller forward position.

Hoffenheim Bundesliga against Bayern victorious (4 draws and 10 losses). Ranked among active players Bundesliga standings the first two goals of Kuranyi (111 balls) and Folland partner up front, but the grain of his Bundesliga goal five years ago, the opponent is Bayern (2010 April 3 Day, Schalke 1 to 2 Bayern).
Before the death of the 17th German Football Association before the main  Love Field silence. Loew attended the match. Robben and Muller first tee, cell policy assigned to the left, Costa return pass, Alabama Boateng cross in too far, when Neuer attack lateral foot instability, Folland in front 14 meters left foot Tui crotch network from Neuer, 1-0! Bayern after only 5 foot pass has led his own fumble. Bundesliga official confirmation Goal 9 seconds, at least have tied the Bundesliga last year to create the fastest scoring record (August 23, 2014, than break goal Dortmund), Bayern last conceded in the opening 1 minute dates back to September 2010.

Bayern dominated possession after conceding though, it is difficult to threaten Bowman guarded the door until the first 33 minutes, Lahm cross from the right, Muller 10 meters in front of the flying header was asked out Bowman fingertips crossbar! After 2 minutes, Robben Youlei breakthrough was destroyed, the small-angle Mueller hit the ball under the bottom near the outside of the post!

Burnett Tia thigh injury, came off the bench Rafinha. Bayern 41 minutes to tie the score! Costa 卡德扎贝克 go past the rib cage, broke into the restricted area small-angle shot was saved Bowman, Muller 5 meters in front of the right knee catapult into the empty net, 1 to 1.

The first half, Bayern had reached 77.9%, compared with 9 to 2 Shots. After the second half started, the inner cell policy restricted area assigned extraordinary row on the left, the left oblique Costa missed. Robben was replaced Tiago. The first 62 minutes, closed the left side Costa extraordinary change swept the front line, Bowman flew Tiago lap lane change, Schwegler goal line clearance. 4 minutes later, Tiago stuffed the box, Muller back to do, Vidal 22 meters in front of the arc the ball hit the crossbar!

Lahm was replaced Levan, Neuer wear the captain’s armband. Kuranyi was Wuhe replaced. Goetze right pass, Levante 9 meters in front of the Tui was Bowman brave closed out. Vidal then left low pass, Muller Tui Shaopian the right post.

Bayern suffered a blow 72 minutes, Boateng tipped Folland, was booked, Rudy kick any ball on the left hand in the human wall Boateng, Boateng sent off accumulated two yellow cards! He represented Bayern in the Bundesliga eat four red cards, second only to Kuffour (6). Polanski penalty kick hit the inside of the right goal post, then blocked Neuer body, Alabama damage the bottom line.

Mueller and Kim Jin-su ate card. The first 81 minutes, closed front Tui beat Levante at the hands of Muller, Muller Tuishe network, but earlier handball, disallowed the goal. The first 88 minutes, the left side of the low pass Goetze, breakthrough Levante defense 11 meters away from the door at the Tui was Bowman denied the right post! Vidal right corner, after Levante spot Tui Bowman hit the right arm, left Costa resurgence ball, Muller 4 meters at the door after the dot pitch header hit the door angle!

The first one minute of stoppage time, the right to accelerate the breakthrough Costa Kim Jin-su and Polanski, under the bottom return is Goetze missed, Levante 8 meters in front of the push bottom left corner, 2 to 1! Since the 2013-14 season , Levante in the Bundesliga, scoring 39 goals, ranking the first place. Goetze break schwarzenbek record , becoming the youngest ever Bundesliga player Yum .