Mourinho to Chelsea this summer, there is a sign announced

Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho claims the Blues this summer have a look and then signed, but the goal is not Barcelona winger Pedro, but Everton defender Stones.

Barcelona winger Pedro, 27, has been rumored with a move to Chelsea, his buyout amount is 30 million euros (22 million pounds), but Mourinho denied the deal. “Now I have five wingers, if they lose one, I might be interested to sign one, but now I have a balance, the quantity and quality of this location has.” However, Mourinho later admitted, Egypt winger Sarah It will be leaving the team.

Mourinho also claimed that Chelsea want Everton defender John – Stones. Friday, Chelsea offer £ 20 million, but was rejected Everton, Chelsea is now the second tranche of the proposed offer.

“I’m looking for a defender to complete the balance of the squad.” Mourinho said, “At present, Everton’s answer was, ‘We do not accept this offer,’ and did not say ‘We do not accept the offer’ If they keep saying, then before September 1, we can enhance the offer, plus £ 1, plus 10 pounds, we can raise prices. ”

“We Stones offer, because we love him, we will not offer the players do not like, but I respect Everton decided by them have a little problem between the Stones and Everton, when the transfer window When turned on, every club, every player can become a quotation target. ”

“If one day Martinez (Everton manager) or their Chairman said that the players do not sell, we do not accept any offer, then the game is over. At present, we do not deny that have made an offer, which means that we try buy. ”

Martinez publicly quoted Mourinho angry, he said:. “When buying club open to the media, which was disappointing I do not think we’ll do it, to talk about one another we are not a team player Seller club, Stones Everton player, period, “and in the Friday, Stones once statement:.” I am happy at Everton. ”

However, to date, Everton did not like Mourinho said, completely denies Stones quote, “Daily Mail” disclosure, Chelsea this week, the second tranche of the proposed offer for 26 million pounds But Everton Stones who want to sell a new record, exceeding the Manchester City [microblogging] [microblogging] 3200 pounds (England defender highest transfer market worth) when signed Mangala.

Stone, 21, Sri Lanka, England [Weibo] native defender, is regarded as the Premier League rising star, Chelsea assessment, Stones has excellent ability and a huge upgrade potential, it is expected to become special in this local defense core.

“Before September 1, our players are likely to receive an offer of others, and we can work out the offer to the other team’s players. If a player we want to go, and we reached an agreement, then we must do at once the response immediately introduce other people, but now we have a balanced lineup, we do not want to lose that balance. “