Manchester United 80 million demon king hot pick 3-1


Premier League double Red Cross, the Manchester United 3-1 at home to Liverpool. Known worth 80 million euros in new aid Marchal ushered perfect debut, although in the second half was only replace the play, but the French still use a super genius Henry type of goal, he introduced himself to the world!

Marshall was in the 65th minute substitute Mata play, when Liverpool to pull the score to 1-2, the French peerless genius has finally come forward. The first 86 minutes, Marshall left the restricted area the ball, when he suddenly start into the box, very explosive, Liverpool defender Skrtel appears to be some lack of preparation, he was pressed all the way into the box Marchal, followed by horse Charles suddenly of a button, again Skrtel playing around, as if he was like in the past stakes, in fact, when Liverpool have formed three men surrounded areas, including Klein and Lucas have come Anti-ramp, but Marshall has been unstoppable, he directly facing the Reds goalkeeper Mignolet change lines after 8000 Mr. Wan unusually calm, after observing a moment the goalkeeper position, select the Tui far corner to break, the whole technical movements done perfectly.

The 1V3 singled entirely is Henry’s style, this goal is very easy to think of the 2003/2004 season, Arsenal’s 4-2 victory over Liverpool’s match, Henry also had this to God! That game, Henry scored the go-ahead score goals quite classic, when Henry left the ball with the technical skill played out three Red Army guard, broke his right foot curve ball became his career, the most exciting of God one for. Not to mention the future could be like Henry Marshall as successful, one that this goal, he definitely kicked out of the Great style.

Marshall’s goal, completely lit up Old Trafford, 80,000 fans completely into the boiling among them meet new hero arrived! Sidelines Van Gaal also unusual excitement. BBC exclaimed: “The new hero to complete his fantastic debut, he is the new Henry!!” “Daily Mail” said: “! Was perfect the whole action if that is possessed Henry, who now He also said that the price is expensive, he is destined to become an extraordinary player, “the former Manchester United player Rio – Rio Ferdinand immediately expressed on his Twitter:”.! WOW Marshall introduced himself to the world, this It is a perfect way! “