Macy’s first champion in the Champions League history to kill God


Berlin Olympic Stadium, Messi did not score, with three goals in the Champions League finals, “the first man” title pass. However, this does not prevent him king in another Champions League goal Hall of Fame.

Ayala current Champions League, Messi scored 10 goals in 13 games, with C Ronaldo, Neymar scorer tied for first. This means that Messi became the first in the history was the top scorer honors five times in the Champions League players, the first, is not only the Champions League after the reform, also contains the Champions League before the restructuring, we can say, Macy become Champions League / Champions League scorer gone first.

The previous four times won the Golden Boot, Messi is breath in four consecutive seasons to complete. 08-09 and 10-11 season, Barcelona [microblogging] twice to win the Champions League, Messi respectively 9 balls and 12 balls was the top scorer; in Barcelona did not win 09-10 and 11-12 season, Macy also the Golden Boot (respectively 8-ball and 14 ball).

It is worth mentioning that recently eight season’s Champions League top scorer in the competition, are between Messi and C Luo two unfolded, C Luo won the gold in 07-08,12-13,13-14 season boots, Messi took four separate times, and the other two tied for second this year to share. This is the world of football in recent years, Mr. competitive situation is very similar, by contrast, both the Golden Boot or Golden Ball, Messi is slightly better than the C Luo a chip (golden goal has 4 to 3, the Golden Boot has 5 to 4). However, the overall top scorer in the Champions League history, both Messi and C Lo 77 goals, tied for first place, it is conceivable that, next season, the two goals of contention in the Champions League, will continue.