Macy temporarily retreat fans support team over 8 percent

Since losing in the America’s Cup finals led the team, Messi has become a target for many of the media criticism, local media reports said even a small flea will temporarily quit the national team, Messi grandfather recently passage is to let this rumor true distance more close.

According to “Marca” reported that Macy’s grandfather Antonio – Kuqidini in an interview with a local radio interview in Argentina, said: “Messi was very successful performance in Barcelona, ​​is the world’s best, but he was in Argentina country the situation is not a good team, the results of the past three times for Argentina played the contest is not ideal. Martino (Argentina coach) with the right people, and with the best players Lionel Messi was on the bench. ”

When it comes to critical quit the national team rumors, Kuqidini said: “Maybe there is such a thing now.” This passage also been a number of Spanish media interpreted as “Lionel Messi grandfather confirm suspected temporarily retreat national team rumors. ” It is worth mentioning that, in the “World Sports Daily” made a fan survey, 85% of fans support Massey quit the Argentine national team.

However, Macy team aspect has been trying for this rumor rumor: The media reports are dog feces, there is no such thing. Marca quoted the news source said Messi around, although both physical and mental very tired, but Messi know, quit the national team at this time will only make yourself into more violent criticism, he knew that this storm will pass, that is the same as last year’s World Cup in Brazil.