James: Warrior fire is too strong, tonight I have paid everything for me

NBA Finals third, Knight home 113-118 loss to the Warriors, the series total score 0-3 behind. After the game Knight star LeBron – James accepted the media interview(click nba mt coins).

“After the game we do not have much talk, obviously, 0-3 behind is a compelling situation.” James went on to say, “I will be in the next 48 hours to solve the problem in this game they hit Some of the shots, and we did not, I thought we could win, yes, we used to have the chance to win the game.

Speaking of his performance, James said: “Tonight I have paid everything I have, whether it is spiritual or physical, but the result is that you have to accept.

For the mighty firepower of the Warriors, James said: “Warriors successfully completed more rounds, in my career never seen a team like a warrior has such a strong firepower, face them, you have to come up with A ++ level of performance will have a chance. ”

The game, James played 46 minutes, got 39 points and 11 rebounds and 9 assists.read more