Iniesta beat was face MVP of the world! He returned the peak period


Iniesta became the owner of the Champions League, the Champions League final, “white” to Barca debut as captain, led the team not only beat Juventus trophy, also won the “Best Overall” award, many people have questioned Iniesta can demonstrate the value of the time, he used a fantastic game again proved himself.

After defeating Juventus, Iniesta became the most active players to win the Champions League trophy number of players, he 2005-06,2008-09,2010-11,2014-15 have won the Champions League last season. The total number of winning, he and Dutchman Clarence Seedorf flat, Seedorf total of four times at Ajax won the Champions League, Real Madrid, AC Milan. While Xavi and Messi are considered to have four Champions League, but in the 2005-06 season, two players did not participate in the finals, but UEFA’s statistics, only participated in the finals of the players considered to win a trophy. Pique’s case, too, he won three Champions League in Barcelona, ​​but the 2007-08 season, he was not the final line-up Manchester United a member.

Juventus match, Iniesta is one of the top performing players, and thus he was named UEFA finals after the game “MVP”. Mature, charisma, insightful, Iniesta is still stable, balanced and beautiful football assurance, in addition, he can show the level of strength and sacrifice.

Barcelona 203 seconds to score the first shot, then transfer midfielder Lionel Messi crossing the ball, Alba left the ball knock to Neymar, Neymar attracting defense did to Iniesta forward runs, the left side of white outside the area instep pass, Rakitic 9 meters in front of the door on the right foot propulsion, 1-0, this is the fourth Champions League final quick goals, but also the third Champions League final goals faster. Barca pass the ball through 16 feet, while the left side outside the instep Iniesta’s cross is crucial.

In the case of 2 to 1 leaders, Iniesta also show their personality, a diversion before the restricted area pass quite amazing. In the field, Iniesta make every effort to actively loves him, until not run. “Daily Sport newspaper,” praised Iniesta distributed at the Berlin Olympic stadium lawn light, his passing is very good, very standard, he grasp the rhythm, and the pressure exerted by Juventus, especially in the second half he did stick in this regard.

This is following the 2006 Iniesta in Paris, 2009, in Rome, in 2011 after London for the first four Champions League finals, he also became the first in the history of Barcelona four times in the Champions League final and win the trophy the players after the World Only football Seedorf had to do it. Match the first 77 minutes Henrique replaced by Xavi Iniesta, “white” has been fully exhausted, he gave everything to reach the limit. Do not forget, Iniesta just recovered.

It is worth mentioning that Iniesta is the only one three consecutive Champions League finals assists players. 2008-09 Champions League final Barcelona 2-0 win over Manchester United, opening the first 10 minutes after the break assists Eto’o White Road broke; 2010-11 Champions League final 3-1 to clinch Manchester United, Messi score assists white. This time, Rakitic who become beneficiaries.

Next season, Harvey leave, Iniesta became Barcelona’s captain, the players played in the team rankings, Iniesta has been ranked No. 3, behind Xavi and Puyol 767 593 Field Field It has tied Miguel 549 times. After the game, “the daily sports newspaper” praised Iniesta is “Marshal” Barca first goal after receiving a pass Neymar, Iniesta perfect pass let Rakitic scored the game “white” from time to time flashed the spark of inspiration, sent the ball to Trident. Iniesta will always be, his feet always show the magic of football, any challenge to him is unfair. As long as there is Iniesta, Barca will win the game and win the football.