Ibrahimovic scored Falcao penalty Chelsea debut wins Paris


EST local time at 18:05 on the 25th), 2015/16 season, the second warm-up match Chelsea in Bank of America Stadium, race, Chelsea 1-1 draw at Paris Saint-Germain, Ibrahimovic tip head start, a small law assists to tie Moses, Blues new aid Falcao debut. Courtois twice in the penalty shootout after wrecker himself into the goal, Chelsea penalty shootout 6-5 win.

The two sides nearly two seasons in the Champions League knockout are met, with each winning once. Chelsea new signing Begovic starter, Azar, Diego – led by Costa and Fabregas played. And in the Ibrahimovic transfer rumors still represents Paris debut, Louis against former team.

Moses cut the ball inside the right post, Ivan hastily half a beat slower poke. Small law then takes the corner, but Diego – Costa nodded the ball away top side. The free kick Ibrahimovic restricted area before the shot also failed to cross the wall. Ibrahimovic elbowing Terry escape punishment, but he then apologize to appease each other. Ibrahimovic passing, Lucas restricted area arc low shot wide of the outside. Paris 25th minute lead, Wei Ladi tackles Mikel edge of the area, to get rid of Augustine Terry shot hit the left edge of the restricted area arc column bounce, Ibrahimovic left the restricted area blank range into the net. Fighting off his last season in the Champions League game at Stamford Bridge has been sent off.

Chelsea almost equalized 28 minutes, Azar pass, Diego – Costa restricted left side 10 yards left foot shot, after Trapp fingertip block-bashing hit the post pop-up. Lucas shot deflected into the restricted area in a small arc after Begovic saved, then Ruiz header from close range missed the target. Lucas right crossing the ball, offside Wei Ladi small edge lob Begovic the target. The first 40 minutes, Wei Ladi Augustin Ivanovic sudden strong form single-handedly, but he was promptly attack Tongshe Begovic closed out. Before halftime, cut into small Lucas restricted area arc low shot at several people double-team under Begovic saved fingertips.

Chelsea in the second half put Courtois, Zuma and Ramirez. Paris will be the same rotation number. Motta’s long-range Courtois saved. Ao Lier behind kicked Diego – Costa foul penalty yellow card, Mourinho sidelines expressed dissatisfaction. Chelsea wasted opportunity after steals, Fabregas edge of the area slightly hesitant, his subsequent shot was Rabbi Ott timely closure, follow-up and then a shot of Moses. Van der Veer right pass, little Lucas 12 yards volley fire just wide of the right column.

Chelsea 65 minutes to tie the game, Fabregas crossing the ball left, Maxwell roof fall, from Claudio Munoz close behind Moses excess Dianshe break, 1-1. Mourinho four frontcourt rotation, Falcao came off the bench, this is his first show in Chelsea, Remy, Oscar and William played together. Frequent substitutions interrupted the rhythm, the two sides remained fierce competition, but were unable to create scoring opportunities, peripherals Cavani and Ivanovic’s shot was the lack of threat, Bach Baker stoppage shot higher.
Into the penalty shootout. First round, Motta and Falcao were launched into the lower left corner, 1-1; the second round, the rabbi also both Ott and 阿斯皮利奎 tower into the penalty, 2-2; Section 3, Aung root of shooting in, Cuadrado penalty shot saved by Sirigu, 3-2; section 4, Courtois saved a penalty Bach Baker, Remy calm injection, 3-3; section 5 Cavani and Oscar were deceived goalkeeper into the goal, 4-4; Section 6, Claudio Munoz barely launched into Courtois almost touching the ball William then into the lower right corner, 5-5 ; Article 7, Courtois saved Tiago – Silva penalty shot, followed by Belgium goalkeeper personally kick overnight, Chelsea 6-5 win.