Harden: Rockets lack of system

According to “Sports Illustrated” report, recently began a wave of rocket fluctuating performance, James – Harden told reporters in a telephone interview, talked about the status of the rocket, as well as how to deal with momentum = Masamori warriors, and Finals experience for their help, and so on. The following is the main content of the interview:

Sports Illustrated: Do you think your position this season with opponents who are most intractable?

Harden: Every night I can see the other team’s best defensive player. This season many rising star, like Michael Owen and Wiggins, too much. I think every day is a tough fight, especially on my point of view, every day I have to face the opposing team the strongest defensive midfielder.

Sports Illustrated: I think a lot of people have forgotten that you are a player played in the finals, from the final harvest what you have valuable experience?

Harden: The playoffs is like a totally different season as, in particular, we can enter the Western Conference finals and finals of the time. In that game the test is more psychological rather than physical quality players. Finals, the Heat know how painful failure, so they have a very well prepared, and we eventually missed the championship, that’s it.
Sports Illustrated: Last year you lost to the Warriors in the playoffs, you know how to beat them in a series race it?

Harden: Last year we also relatively close. Last year we lost to them in the first two games and lost only 67 minutes. They are a very strong team, three are great. We must find the limits Curry and Thompson’s method does not give the same opportunity to other players easy shots, which might have a winner. But when you make them easy layup, everyone has a chance to one-third the space when it is a nightmare.

Sports Illustrated: When you are used to keep up with the current performance compared to last season’s success, how can you adjust to let you focus on the game it?

Harden: race results will certainly be ups and downs, I will try to make my teammates play better, so that they fully play out their own level. I know it’s hard, especially as the team leader, but this is what I’ll do.

Sports Illustrated: how do you see your team situation in the west?

Harden: Now we obviously have not routed to the location you want. Western teams everywhere, like the Warriors, Spurs, Thunder there are very powerful team. They have a complete line-up and tactics system, which is what we lack. We need to bounce back.

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