Griffin or be back next month

According to CBS Sports reported that since late December last year injured, the main Clippers power forward Blake – Griffin since the truce. Although the Clippers Griffin has not announced a specific return time, but according to informed sources, Griffin may have to wait until next month to come back(more cheap 2k16 MT).

Recently it reported that Griffin’s broken hand injury is not the basic problem, the key is the recovery of his left leg quadriceps is not ideal, which makes him so they could not return.

Since the injury occurred during the Griffin fight with staff Clippers, and the punishment was suspended four games, which means that Griffin will have to wait after the injury four games to return to the court.

In March, the Clippers remaining nine games, Griffin has succeed in this month comeback unlikely.

“In the Clippers squad, which has become a well-known secret that Griffin looks at some point have to wait until April to come back.” CBS Sports senior reporter Ken – Berg disclose Road.

When Griffin in late December last year after the injury, the Clippers performance was great, so let the outside world have begun to ignore the importance of Griffin. But in the past week, the Clippers have lost to the Thunder, Spurs and Cavaliers. This is sufficient to show: When faced top teams in the league, the Clippers Griffin highly desirable.

Since the remaining 16 regular season games, leaving the state to find Griffin’s time is running out. Even if he was able to stage a comeback in the final regular-season, he has left the field almost 3 months after the start of the playoffs in his ability to enter the state there is a big question.get more