Germany 1-2 home reversal by the United States


An international warm-up match in Cologne, the Rhine Energy Stadium, race, missed a single opportunity in Germany, home to 2 loss to the United States 1, Goetze head start,  equalizer, Bobby – Wood consecutive two games off the bench lore reversed.

This is the 11th time the two sides clash, Germany 7 wins, 3 draws and prevail. Klinsmann led the United States over the weekend on the road to win reversal of the Netherlands, which is US history twice off war Germany. Goetze 4 minutes a corner, shot at close range but Rudy missed opportunity. Xu Earle then restricted area melee haste shot also missed opportunities. Ozil 14 yards shot was Guzan confiscated. Aaron – Johansson cut into the penalty area to open the gap on the right return,  edge of the area shot a little higher.

Germany 12th minute lead, Herman face the United States three players on the right side easily cross into the restricted area unguarded Goetze 12 yards Tuishe. Then Herman then Ozil restricted the right shot the ball wide of the near corner. World champion full control of rhythm, Ozil pass, grid policy single-handedly shot was Guzan rescued. Then pass the grid policy, Xu Earle header also failed to break Guzan’s fingers off. America’s first 41 minutes to tie the game, Bradley crossing,  chest after stopping 10 yards ahead of Rudy Tongshe break.

Both sides made adjustments in the second half, Germany still take the initiative, but the United States deal with patient back on defense, the game into a stalemate. Podolski and Khedira off the bench. Alvarado corner melee before the shot was Mustafi small restricted area to make key block. Herman the right pass, Hedi small edge of the area miss header top side. Ye Delin restricted the right pass, Bradley from 12 yards low shot was Ur swept out by the legs. US 87 minutes ahead lore, Evans pass, the same bench Bobby – Wood Mustafi after the turn to go past 25 yards bouncing ball into the bottom left corner, 2-1. His contribution to the lore ball two consecutive games. The first 94 minutes, Hedi small restricted area before header hit the crossbar.

Germany Lineup (4-2-3-1): 12- Ziller; 4- Rudy, 2 Mustafi, 16 Rüdiger, 3 Hector; 7- Schweinsteiger (46 ‘, 6 Khedira), 21 Gundogan (60’, 20-Kramer); 14- Hermann (73 ‘, 11 Bei Lala ratio), 8 Ozil, 9 – Xu Earle (46 ‘, 10 Podolski); 19- Goetze (73’, 23-Kruse)

US lineup (4-1-3-2): 1 – Guzan; 21- Chandler (46 ‘, 3-Evans), 19- Alvarado, 6 Brooks 23- Law Fabian – Johnson; 14- Williams (46 ‘, 5-Beckman); 20- Sal Fernandez (74’, 18-Bobby – Wood), 4-Bradley, 10 Judith Crewe Germany (73 ‘, 7 Morales); 9- Johansson (74’, 8 Morris), 13-Agudelo (46 ‘, 2 Ye Delin)