Gerald Suarez war breaking Barca won the first battle 2-1

American West local time at 20:00 on the 21st), 2015/16 season opener in Barcelona pre-season warm-up match at the Rose Bowl Stadium, race, Barcelona 2 to 1 to win the Los Angeles Galaxy, Suarez Gerrard play together with the Soviet Union broke God deadlock, Sergio – Roberto expand the score, Tommy – Meyer stoppage time to save face.

America’s Cup Messi and Neymar did not enter the game list, suspended in the America’s Cup Suarez led the battle, the former Liverpool teammate Steven Gerrard is the Los Angeles Galaxy debut, the two arms around laughing at the entrance. Deep transfer rumors Barcelona winger Pedro is also a starter. Busquets and Robbie – Keane played as captain of both sides.

Rakitic corner, Baltra nodded before nodding the ball into the far corner. Barca still with the usual pass the ball to control the game and rhythm, Suarez corner melee 14 yards volley. Rakitic with Pedro continuously kicking the wall with the number of people to get rid of the defense, but Suarez missed Croats forward pass. Suarez is particularly active, he missed the bottom line of the billboard in front of the restricted area arc shot. Rafinha breakthrough to the edge of the restricted area arc low shot also missed the target.

In 2009 the two sides had preseason games against Barcelona with Pedro and Jeffren goal to win, Beckham free kick 30 yards at a time equalizer. Suarez left the restricted area back pass, Sergio – Roberto edge of the area curve ball shot by Brian – Luo saved with your fingertips. Barcelona first 45 minutes to break the deadlock, the area within Baltra turn around hook pass, Leonardo volley siege fall, before Suarez small restricted area volley fire into the net.

Barca make adjustments at halftime, Pique and Weiermalun played side by side, Suarez and Steven Gerrard were also to be replaced. Shot slightly higher cut inside after kicking the wall with Douglas with Samper. Munir broke into the restricted area pass in the left, goalkeeper Chan She was rushed Pique denied at close range. Barcelona 56 minutes to expand the score, Munir left the restricted area to cut back pass, Sandro small restricted area before the ball is blocked, follow Sergio – Roberto 12 yards shot burst the net, 2-0.

Behind Los Angeles Galaxy emphasize the rhythm and trying to open a gap on the wing, Las Ritter left the restricted area shot wide. Iniesta pass, restricted area before the shot Sandro also failed to find the target. Los Angeles Galaxy to get the best chance of the first 74 minutes, Mendiola pass, but Las Patel edge of the area before Pique grab Shepian out. Iniesta was tackles, Bardehle shot being Ruhe Se – Suarez wants. Sandro corner melee 15 yards volley regret the crossbar. Los Angeles Galaxy pulled one back 91 minutes, Wayilining corner, Tommy – Meyer hoisting the network before the point.