Degea rejected a request to play

Recently, Manchester United goalkeeper was undoubtedly the most talked about figure Degea, because the Premier League opener at Tottenham face Van Gaal abandoned, Degea in the Red Devils also cast a shadow over the future. Van Gaal said the abandoned Degea problems because of his focus. However, the latest news from the “Daily Mail”, in fact Degea performed well in training, he even offered to play a request, but Van Gaal was refused.

“Daily Mail” on the issue between Degea and Van Gaal were Secret, the paper said although Van Gaal has repeatedly stressed Degea Real Madrid because the mind thinking about problems and lack of concentration, but in fact Degea I am still very eager to play. Opening in the Premiership before the war, he even said he had to take the initiative to play Tottenham ready, but Van Gaal still being abandoned.

Degea close friend in Madrid disclose, in fact, the day before the game Degea training performance is very good, he never said do not want to represent the team played, but in the end he was Van Gaal gave up. Premier League opener, Degea only look at the performance of new goalkeeper Romero in the stands. Currently, Degea still following the Manchester United first team training on Friday and he is preparing Villa game.
However, “Daily Mail” said Van Gaal was next game will be used as the starting goalkeeper Romero, before September 1 transfer market is closed, Van Gundy would not consider using Degea, that Unless Degea finalize his future, or he is difficult to return to the starting up. In the previous interview, Van Gaal is very clear: “We have noticed in preparing for, Degea not that Degea last year, and after September 1, we will look at his situation. Now I am very satisfied with the performance of Romero, he made two times fighting to save the team. ”

“Mail” said the Manchester United inside, a lot of players to replace Van Gaal with Romero Degea decision is also a little surprised, after all, the whole pre-season warm-up Romero did not play. Manchester United goalkeeper position is currently also Valdes, Lindegaard and Johnstone, but Valdes has been abandoned, Lindegaard was also told to leave. Currently Degea problems still deadlocked, Real intent to acquire De Gea, but Manchester United insist 3500 pounds offer. It appears that in the future before the problem is not resolved Degea difficult for him to return to the Manchester United starting up