D’Antoni made a rally after shooting 50 shots per game

Houston Rockets are now the NBA favorite to vote for three points of the team, and their coach Mike – D’Antoni is the Rockets hope that the rest of the season each game are cast 50 three-pointers(click buy 2k17 mt).

Back in November last year, when the Rockets in a game cast 50 three-pointers, it makes people feel incredible, because they are the first single game in NBA history cast 50 three-point ball team.

However, only three months later, the Rockets coach D’Antoni said he hoped the Rockets could throw 50 three-pointers per game.

The Rockets have fired at least five three-pointers in seven games, including 61 three-pointers with a pelican record since the three-pointers in November last year.

So far, NBA history, single-game three-pointers shot the first four were the Rockets swept.

Yesterday the Rockets beat the Timberwolves in the game, the Rockets scored 142 points, three-pointers shot 58 times, and they are outside the area and the three-point line within a total of only one ball into the ball. This is obviously the Rockets general manager Morey’s favorite game.

Yesterday after the game, the famous ball rating Bill – Simmons wrote on Twitter: “The Rockets cast 58 three points, fined 42 balls, any time the number of three shots and free throws up to 100 times, it Should be called Morey. ”

It is worth mentioning that this season when the Rockets in a game shot at least 50 three-pointers, their record of 6 wins and 2 losses.click nba 2k17 myteam