Bulls capture King

The last game because of an ankle injury sidelined Cousins ​​comeback campaign, before receiving current All-Star jersey. Rondo toe injury but the field did not break, Jimmy – Butler left knee tendinitis since the absence of competition, this is the first time this season Butler lack of war. Bulls in the first section third of the rain Long Shots 8 6, defender Moore single vote 5 5 3 3-pointers was given 13 points, Pau Gasol also contributed to the first section of two three-pointers, single and six assists Ross led his teammates, the Bulls once established 13-point lead(more nba 2k16 mt for sale).

Cousins ​​Glenealy eight points to lead the Kings to catch up, Rondo first section 2 assists, NBA career assists and reached 5315 times, more than Kevin – Porter (NBA career assists 5314 times), NBA history assists list ranking improved to No. 49 . Ross hit in the cast, followed by manufacturing foul free throws, the Bulls 34-25 to stabilize the situation leading Kings 9 o’clock the first section of the game. Ross NBA career assists total reached 2396 times, the Bulls history assists list outrank Paxson (Bulls career assists 2394 times), ranked sixth in the list.

Section II broke out, McDermott hit third, the Bulls extended the lead to 12 points. Collison and Mike Kramer together to get points, catch the King Cousins ​​assists than Fidel hit third, two points difference only three points. Hinrich dropped into the third to stabilize the war, Ross even sent assists, the Bulls extended the lead to 10 points. Belinelli even into the two three-pointers to help the King once again set off a wave of recovery points, the king of the first half, cruised to catch the score 57-60.

Bulls in the third quarter after the start for 3 minutes failed to score, the king overtake. Ross projectile hit, Thailand – Gibson inside to get points, the Bulls to regain the lead position. Cousins ​​left knee discomfort, but he kept playing, even in the two note in the cast, led by the king bite the score. Moore Glenealy 4 points, the field scoring 22 points, breaking the NBA career scoring record, previous record was 19 points, the Bulls 80-75 lead five minutes into the fourth king.

McDermott and George has hit third, the Bulls in the fourth quarter will be divided difference widened to 10 points. Cousins ​​led the Kings Jedi counterattack, compressing the gap to four points. Ross and Moore has made two free throws, Ross Adds a note in the cast, the Bulls hold 9 points advantage. The king made a final effort, 45.2 seconds before the whistle will be sent out to 3 points. Gasol vote of no progress, the king won the opportunity to chase points, Cousins ​​layup, grabbed the rebound layup missed again, Moore rebounding, the king had to foul, two free throws Moore did not enter.

Bulls to foul, penalty is not the first Cousins, deliberately not enter the second penalty, but his early grab rebounds violation. Gay 6 fouled out, Gasol made two free throws, the Bulls lead five minutes, the time remaining 4.3 seconds. Belinelli missed third, the game time runs out, the Bulls poise. Gasol NBA career scoring total to 18,789 points, NBA scoring history, surpassing Hall of Famer McAdoo (NBA career total score 18787 points), ranked No. 56.buy now