Bryant no longer accept the locker room interview

Yesterday, Lakers and Wizards After the game, Bryant acknowledged that this could be the last of his career at the end of the Lakers game interviews with the media in the locker room.

Yesterday after the game, the Lakers vice president of public relations – John Blake told the media, Bryant is likely to usher in his career, the last time at home after the game locker room interview. This season, the Lakers left four home games. According to this news, Bryant only accept large quantities of media interviews at a news conference at the end of the four games.

Subsequently, when a reporter to verify the matter Bryant, Bryant said with a smile: “I could not even see you I will miss this scene might do, yes I accept in this locker room had many interviews.?. . ”

“I will always remember (locker room interviews) is my Achilles tendon rupture that.” Bryant added.

Lakers’ last four home games have a great attraction, first against the Heat, this is the last played against Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade. The next two opponents are the Celtics (Lakers enemies) and the Clippers (Lakers rivals).

April 14, the Lakers will face the Jazz at home, this is the Lakers’ last game of the season, Bryant also farewell fight.

Bryant emphasized to the media after the game yesterday, he plans to be in the rest of the season in all competitions are debut. At the same time, he also did not forget to laugh at friends in the media: “Yes, I will miss watching you stand here and elbowing each other.”

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