Bryant Cheng pro career is his strongest enemy

Kobe Bryant and Byron – Scott recently participated in the activities of the Lakers Youth Foundation, and was interviewed. When asked about their own career encountered the strongest opponent, Bryant and Scott have given the same answer – Michael – Jordan(more nba 2k16 myteam points).

“? It seriously.” Faced with this problem, Bryant said with a smile, “- Michael Jordan.”

Then, Scott was asked the same question, and his answer is Jordan. Scott was also looking at Kobe, and said with a smile:. “My face is the pinnacle of Jordan”

Throughout his career, Bryant has long been used to compare with Jordan. Jordan is not only Bryant’s big brother, is a mentor.

No doubt, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are ranked first and second in the history of the NBA shooting guard, and they are all very great scorer. It regretted that Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant can not meet in their peak period. But they are in the NBA still had some wonderful alignment.

Anyway, Bryant has been put beyond the Jordan as its goal, and he learned a lot from Jordan technical body, which makes Bryant became the NBA recognized the man closest to now