Brazil World Cup suspend water to reproduce

Yesterday’s Premier League, a landscape so that the audience was quite novel – the advent of the World Cup last year “cooling pause” is introduced into the Premier League, the name has become a Drink Breaks. However, compared to Brazil’s World Cup race in hot and humid conditions, England’s not so harsh weather so many people joined the ranks of the opposition and among Tucao, BBC commentator Gary Lineker on the famous tweet said: “Everywhere We are in the water, which has not played the match. ”

Under the Premier League, the race to the first 25 minutes, if it was the scene of the temperature reached 30 degrees Celsius, the referee can give both teams 90 seconds of rest time to drink water. I do not know whether there is “show” the suspect, 10 o’clock last night at the same time kick-off five games in four Premier League games have staged a “players drink water show.” According to “Daily Mail” of data, which lost 3-4 at home to West Ham with only Bournemouth match race between the temperature reached 30 degrees, Norwich Stoke a 1-1 draw and Rice Special City Tottenham 1-1 draw, when the temperatures are only 28 degrees, the same thing also happened in the Crystal Palace and Aston Villa game.
Last year, fans watched the World Cup scene for similar images particularly profound, when the players are hot and humid climate in Brazil was really unbearable torture – the Netherlands and Mexico battle temperatures as high as 38.8 degrees, the humidity reaches 70%; whereas Portugal and the United States of the group stage More is located in the tropical climate of Manaus were, C Luo took a water bottle to face Shigemi picture vividly tell the fans just standing on the field was enough of a.
Compared to these, the Premier League yesterday’s situation is indeed only be considered trivial, but even so, last year’s World Cup, also played in the game after half an hour pause, can be unified in the Premier League, but after 25 minutes of collective water, some of the players the body of the shirt is dry, it is no wonder the British embarrassed to be defined directly using “cool pause” this imprecise words.

In social media, “very water pie” and “pour faction” different opinions, as in the English Premier League Stoke City usher in their first show of Swiss international Chaki Lane, said:! “So hot that I could imagine This is not England, but can be the world’s best league to play I was very happy. “” pour faction “in addition to Gary Lineker, US internationals, former Everton striker Donovan’s position is also quite representative: “If this thing happened in the United States, fans got to boo dead you listening to these commentators complaining about the Premiership ‘lethal high temperature,’ I would funny to August in Houston to play games to try..”
Fans were crying naturally from watch “pour faction” majority – some people say, there are people to take the “if it should drink plenty of water, that would mean that in 2020 Qatar World Cup to kick two minutes will be a pause to drink?” “man enough” for the thing: “In our age, people are proud to die of dehydration, because it can be called a man.” The most interesting is, Leicester midfielder Drinkwater unfortunately shot, he just appeared in Lae and Tottenham’s starting lineup, the fans have said Guiqiu “water brother in intermittent drinking water water “wonderful scene.

But last night, not all screenings are “water intermittently” evil of the landscape, is located in the northeast of England, Sunderland and Swansea’s game after playing 90 minutes on smoothly; in addition, Manchester United at home but rather with the morning show Newcastle’s game does not appear in this episode. “Cooling pause” early in 2013 in North America Gold Cup race had already appeared before the World Cup last year by the then Italy coach Prandelli proposed extension, and the introduction of the Premier League is thanks to the initiative of Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho.