Barcelona Transfers eligible backcourt agent confirmed

According to Italian media earlier media reports, Rome and Barcelona have reached an agreement on the defender Adriano transfer, the transfer fee may be around 8 million euros. Italian media also revealed Adriano’s agent has arrived in Barcelona to discuss transfer issues with the club.

Adriano agent Alfonso also confirmed the existence of the transaction: “Adriano felt it was time to leave, he needs to seek new challenges, but also to have the opportunity to play in Rome excited we are to remain patient. We believe that Barca will agree to negotiate and reach an agreement. ”

Currently Adriano two years left on his contract with Barcelona. It is reported that Adriano has been settled personal terms with Rome, in October this year, he will be at least 31 years, after negotiations Barcelona finally accepted the € 8 million offer. According to media analysis, if the transfer is really reached, it is likely to cause a chain unrest. Rome after Italy left-back candidate Augsburg Baba or will be transferred to Chelsea, but Chelsea left-back Felipe – Louis or return to Atletico Madrid, Atletico left  may also be switched elsewhere.

But the Spanish “World Sports Daily,” the news has said Rome’s offer did not reach 800 million euros, but only 400 million euros, and Barcelona has rejected the offer of Rome. Adriano has indeed come to an agreement with the Luo Mada, he also believes the two clubs will eventually reach an agreement. But the reality may not be so optimistic.

It is reported that in the United States, whether it is the team’s head coach or club president baertuowu, very clearly shows the attitude on Pedro and Adriano transfer problem, and that is who wants players who payment of the player’s contract breach of contract payments. But Pedro is a more realistic price, that is 30 million euros, while Adriano’s situation is different, his contract breach of contract payments up to 90 million euros. Not a club willing to pay that amount as Adriano on the transfer market.

Adriano and Rome have reached a three-year agreement, but also to Barcelona sent the first offer, but offer 4 million euros in barca opinion is not enough.

In waiting for their transfer problem is resolved when Adriano continue as a member of the team to follow Barcelona in the US tour, but he also closely news from the club. Brazilian full-back has played in Barcelona five seasons, he believes Rome will increase the offer, while the Barcelona club will make concessions, let him leave to join the Italian team.

Adriano last season at Barcelona effect during the playing time at least a season, on the one hand, he wants to on the court can play a more important role, on the other hand, given the three-year contract in Rome so that he could not refuse. He believes himself in Barcelona five years, kicked out of a good standard, the club did not give any trouble, he wants to let him leave Barcelona can spare.

Adriano is very confident that he can join the Rome that he was in the locker room to talk openly about the prospect of joining the Rome post. His fellow Brazilian Douglas on social networking sites also give Adriano sent a farewell letter: “Brother, you are the beast, I hope you continue to do amazing person.”

Douglas farewell letter to believe that Adriano is very close to leaving Barcelona to join Rome, but also need to reach an agreement the two clubs. Interestingly, August 5, Barcelona and Rome will meet in Gamber Cup, the Catalan media believe, when the two clubs should be able to reach a final agreement.