Barcelona 2-1 Atletico Madrid

Spanish Football League 2015/16 season, the first three of a focus on war in the Vicente Calderon Stadium, fight, Barcelona 2 to 1 win away to Atletico Madrid, Suarez regret the beam, Torres broke the deadlock, Neymar and plum bench West has scored the go-ahead. Barcelona 3 straight victories to lead.

Barcelona nearly 16 times against Atletico negative only 1 field, which has made 10 league games 8 wins, 2 draws. The two sides clash league history, 156 games, 69 wins and 37 level 50 Barcelona held the upper hand, which away 22 wins and 19 level 37 negative. Teershite root replace injured Bravo played, Messi into the bench, Rafinha rotation starter.

Soares Ximenes restricted the right pass was closed shovel denied, but replays showed Atletico defender handball foul, the referee has not been fined. Gerry Postman steals Mascherano, but Weiermalun timely rescue. Iniesta pass, restricted the right of small-angle Rakitic shot Mubarak O’Brien rescued. The first 17 minutes, Gerry Postman again after Javier Mascherano steals forward pass, Torres left the restricted area 10 yards shot a little higher. Barcelona 25 minutes almost broke, Rakitic corner, Rafinha header ferry, after Suarez point shovel hit the crossbar pop.

Corner melee contention bit strained hamstring running Weiermalun be replaced Mathieu. The first 36 minutes, Suarez back in the cross, Neymar after one failed to go past back to the position better Suarez, the last Brazilian penalty area Ximenes shot was blocked, Atletico defender handball inside the area again Foul escape punishment. Sergio – Roberto outside shot was blocked, then a shot inside the penalty area Neymar. Felipe and Andres Iniesta before halftime has fined yellow card.

Opening the second half only 20 seconds, Oliver – Torres broke into the penalty area on the left oblique missed. Torres restricted the right pass play in the hands of Javier Mascherano, the referee ignored the same. Atletico 51 minutes to break the deadlock, the number of players in a row pass, Tiago pass, Torres restricted area 11 yards on the right at the single-pole Tui, the ball hit the far corner of the net post. Barcelona equalized on 55 minutes, before kk penalty area foul on Neymar, Neymar 25 yards free kick direct shot, the ball around the wall and into the top left corner, 1-1.
The first 58 minutes, Messi replaced Rakitic. Then Torres Martinez has also been replaced. Nearly 67 minutes ahead of Barcelona, ​​Messi forward pass, Neymar left corner Tui small restricted area over the Aube Mubarak, but Godin made a key interception after the siege. Barca go-ahead score in the 77th minute, Atletico player was in front of the penalty area after steals turnovers, Alba pass, Suarez tapped the first time, Macy small restricted area calm before the break, 2-1. It was his 19th league match against Atletico Madrid scored the first 20 balls. With Hou Meixi pass, shot Suarez closed the left side of the bottom line was rescued O’Brien Mubarak. After the final reversal of Barcelona undefeated lead.
Valencia 1-0 win over Sporting Gijon. Valencia goalkeeper to make a save after the opening series of ebony, and then the visiting team gradually into the rhythm, Luis – Luis Hernandez also grab more before Negredo make key siege. Negredo in the edge of the area and then half-volley bounced wide of the right post. Feghouli cross from the right after steals, 12 yards Piatti unguarded Tongshe missed.

Enzo – Perez with Piatti after kicking the wall with the left wing under the bottom back pass, but Parejo 12 yards volley rub along the crossbar. Sporting Gijon also nearly broke, multi-corner melee Gray go past the goalkeeper but missed Kongmen ebony opportunity, restricted the right of small Cassese Kongmen missed. Valencia 91 minutes lore, Feghouli edge of the area after deflected shot was blocked, Bakari left corner of a small restricted area outside the instep cross selfless, Paco small edge top header into the empty net.