Azar Arz Chelsea 2-2 on penalties to win God Goals Barcelona


2015 American International Cup race in Maryland Division of FedEx Stadium, race, Chelsea 2-2 draw in Barcelona, ​​Azar raid world wave head start, Suarez and Sandro scored the go-ahead, before Cahill equalized whistle. Barcelona missed twice in penalty shootout defeat to Chelsea.

15 games the two sides clash in the race, respectively, to obtain 5 wins, 5 draws and 5 losses neck and neck. Fabregas against former team, Diego – Costa and Azar led to play, youngsters Kennedy debut. Messi and Neymar still in the America’s Cup holidays, Suarez headed appearance. Barcelona nearly five times the rate against Mourinho’s team without victory.

Chelsea after just three minutes almost broke, break Kennedy wins a free kick, Fabregas crossing, hoisting a small restricted area before Zuma Teershite root brave rescued. Suarez go past Cahill straight into the box, Kennedy defense intercept the key moment in recovery. Diego – Costa pass, restricted the right of Oscar hastily root Teershite low shot was again rescued. Chelsea took the lead 10 minutes, Zuma pass, Azar even had four people broke into restricted left side 12 yards into near corner.

Suarez pass, restricted the right Rakitic shot saved by Courtois. Chelsea counterattack after rescue corner, Diego – Costa go past Mathieu cut into the restricted area, but Gerard get back on defense to defuse dangerous situations. Adriano left breakthrough came in, but Suarez headed a small edge of the area missed opportunity. Oscar direct free kick 22 yards shot hit the back left corner of the crossbar. Munir pass, Suarez 15 yards the first time fire has also been quick to respond Courtois saved.

Sandro shot and was again saved by Courtois. Chelsea 33 minutes to expand the score missed opportunities, Fabregas back in the forward pass in the backcourt, Diego – Costa speed throw off Baltra form single-handedly, but he missed the penalty area on the left oblique, kicking him angry Billboard vent their dissatisfaction. Barcelona is also continuously given the opportunity to get rid of Zuma after Suarez restricted the right low shot from 12 yards, after Courtois block-bashing confiscated. Suarez will emerge from Zuma pass, a small restricted area before Rakitic shot hit fly.

The second half, William and Ramirez off the bench. Adriano biography, Munir header hit the left post, but his earlier foul. Barcelona 52 minutes to tie the game, Mathieu crossing, 阿斯皮利奎 column headed siege mistakes, Suarez small restricted area before the pick Kongmen, under siege Zuma gate line hit the crossbar in the ejection, the referee the ball crossing line, scoring effective, 1-1. Diego – Costa went straight back to the locker room after the injury, the two sides began a substantial rotation.

Barca go-ahead score 66 minutes, Rafinha pass, Sandro left the restricted area 18 yards curve ball launched into the far corner, 2-1. Falcao replaced Adjara. Remy on the right pass, Falcao far point 11 yards barb misses the target. Pedro speed steals Courtois, but the ball missed the bottom line. Chelsea almost equalized 79 minutes, Moses pass, but the right side of the penalty area Ramirez shot wide of the near corner. Chelsea 85 minutes to tie the game, Cahill scuffle free kick 10 yards with a crane into the empty net, Maxi Pu attack a side door to make it in boxing Cahill nose bleeding, 2-2.
Into the penalty shootout. First round, Iniesta and Falcao both hit 1-1; second round, Halilovic hit the crossbar, Moses deceived goalkeeper penalty into, 1-2; third round, Pique penalty low Courtois shot was saved, Ramirez overnight, 1-3; section 4, Sandro and Remy both injection, 2-4. Chelsea penalty shootout win.