All-Star starter to thank fans

NBA officials today announced the 2016 All-Star starting list. All-Star starter for 10 players on social media have to thank the fans for their vote(buy 2k16 mt ).

Although data is not ideal this season, but – Kobe Bryant or with high popularity won the All-Star votes Wang, and almost no one gives objection.

But now Bryant also did not express views on his Twitter last update was in yesterday, the content is on NBA TV programs. An update on his Instagram nine weeks ago, the content is the integration of flags on the black mamba and the Eiffel Tower. But Bryant had said earlier: “The All-Star Game Do not hesitate to me!” This also reflects the competitive spirit Bryant.

In addition, the Western All-Star starting players as well as Curry, Westbrook, Durant and Leonard.

Curry in a video uploaded on Instagram and thanked the fans for voting. He wrote: “Thanks for the vote of fans every week we will bring more good news.

Westbrook thank the fans on Twitter: “Thanks for all the fans, to the All-Star starter is really a true blessing and honor to say what you can not fully express the gratitude..”

Durant wrote on Twitter: “Thanks for helping me to achieve the dream of all fans, keep the young mind, I really thank you very much.”

Leonard currently no representation. But his younger brother, Kyle Spurs – Anderson is very excited, he wrote on Twitter: “Piece of cake it boss!!”

Eastern Conference All-Star starting lineup is: Wade, Lori, James, George and Anthony.

Back to All-Star starter Wade wrote on Twitter:. “Thanks for all the fans to vote for me, is that you let me in 12 years this old guy 10-time All-Star starter,” then, Wade On Instagram released a picture of him and Carmelo – Carmelo Anthony, LeBron – James, pictured, it was still very young trio. Wade wrote: “The re-elected along with my brothers all-star starter!”

Anthony also wrote a special push: “I humbly come back, thank you for your vote can and LeBron – James, Dwyane – Wade, Kyle – Lori, Paul – George played together, this is a. glory.”

Lori Wade squeezed into the last year starting this year, he squeezed out Carey – Owen. Lori wrote on Twitter: “Thank you fans for two consecutive years, and I never dreamed there today, I love you all!!!”

Raptors DeMar – DeRozan also did not forget to make fun of Lori: “Congratulations to my friend Lori, you make me feel very proud of this brother!” Lori then replied: “I am older than you ah …… funny …… but still thank the brothers …… ” nba 2k16 for sale at