Advance into the playoffs mode

From the left end of the regular season about three weeks time, headed Cavaliers star LeBron – James has advanced into the playoff mode(more 2k16 MT).

This year, James playoffs mode all the time than in previous years earlier.

“I have (changed my attention), a little earlier than normal, but you know I know (the playoffs) in front. I hope psychologically ready.” James Cavaliers today after the training, he said.

Yesterday, there were reports on Twitter of James taking off Cleveland’s account, but he refused to disclose the reason.

According to two people around James said, in recent days, James became more quiet than ever. Over the past few years, James during the playoffs will block all social media. This year’s playoffs three weeks before opening play, but James has apparently switched to the playoffs mode.

“Lately, my attention became more focused.” James said, “I know (the playoffs) in sight, it will be very challenging.”

Yesterday Knight victory over the Nuggets, James scored three pairs. Although the Cavaliers this season’s performance is not stable enough, but James still believed they played a good performance.

“Ultimately, we record in the last 12 games, which is 9 wins and 3 losses. So, I mean, we’re playing some great basketball.” James said, “and the Jazz and Miami Heat two games, we did not play as they should, but we’re playing some great basketball. ”

Up to now, the Cavaliers ranked first in the eastern part of 50 wins and 20 losses record, ahead of second-place Toronto 1.5 wins.

Last season, the Cavaliers made 53 wins in the regular season and eventually reached the finals. But this season, their performance is a dispute?

When asked about the league’s other teams are aware of the record and the strength of the Cavaliers when James domineering replied:. “They had better (realized), or they will fail.” buy now