Houston Rockets at home to 105 to 99 victory over Oklahoma City Thunder, the Rockets to 4 to 1 out of the opponent to qualify for the Western Conference semifinals. Beverly has played an important role at both ends of the offensive and defensive end, he once again proved himself to be the best weapon to keep the guard(click nba mt coins).

Beverly played 27 minutes, 10 of 6 shots, 15 points, 8 rebounds and 3 assists, he played an important role at both ends of the offensive and defensive. Defensive Beverly has been arranged to keep the minds of less, he is indeed the league in the minds of the young players do one of the best players, the fourth quarter when the Beverly up to guarding the young, when there is no sports warfare, 6 vote 0, which once again proved Beverly almost crazy entanglement defense is really very powerful.

Beverly not only good defense, the ball is also quite sturdy, his tough in an attack to be fully reflected. Section 2 for 4 minutes and 43 seconds, Beverly ball singles, in the face of their nearly 10 cm higher than Abelenez, Beverly did not care, with a strong body to open the opponent throwing, The ball did not enter, but Beverly quickly caught up with the ball. Beaver used this crushing attack to prove his ability, and he also used this momentum to overwhelm the opponent.

Although the two games before the shooting feel is not good, but Beverly today in the offensive end of the extremely resolute, he brought the team a good offensive support. More valuable is that, in addition to defense and scoring, Beverly in the rebounds on the rush is also very positive, the audience spell 8 rebounds, including five offensive rebounds, which tied his playoff career Single field record. Coincidentally, the last Beverly grabbed five offensive rebounds is also against the Thunder, it was on April 25, 2013. And in the fourth quarter of an important defense, was originally sitting on the bench Beverly was Dean Tony quickly replaced, the purpose is to better protect the rebounds, the results Beverly live up to grab the rebound.

Attack and defense can bring help, “garbage dog” to prove their value for the rocket, he is the kind of teammates like, opponents hate players. In the future playoffs, he will play an extremely important role in the rocket array.see more