39 + 11 +7 +4! 2.4 seconds quasi-lore

James Harden again! Today with his quasi-lore layup and fatal steals, the Houston Rockets to 125-124 home win over Denver Nuggets. One attack and one defense, Harden show hero character! This field can be described as twists and turns. Rocket first section leading up to 13 points, but the bench digging, rocket in two, three has been lagging behind. The fourth quarter three warmer, catch up, but the visiting team reluctant to disarm, the two sides have been fighting to the last(click buy nba 2k17 mt).

31 seconds before the end and 8 seconds, Harden continued layup, the Rockets fall into the scoring drought, seeing opponents play a wave of 8-0, 8 seconds before the whistle actually overtake 1 points. Jammier Nelson controls the ball, but his jumper is unsuccessful and Harden is struggling to win the rebound.
At this point, the exciting scene appeared. The rocket did not pause, but saw Harden from the backcourt ball, maneuvering general rushed to the frontcourt. Nuggets all the way to besiege the poor effect, in the free throw arc to want to close the defense of the moment, Harden a thorns out of a trail, actually no one in the case of defense, hit the quasi-lore layup, the rocket to 125-124 The
The scene cheer, the two sides spent their pause, Harden also insight into the Nuggets last strike intention, decisively with the anti-Mason – Plumley to the basket, leaping after Nicola – Yoki Qi in the edge And Plumley’s intention to pass off the ball for the rocket to seal the victory. The final whistle, Harden exposed the child like a shy smile. But tonight this attack a defense, worthy of MVP!buy now