32,500,000! Premier League Liverpool exposure lock kill Star team history second worth


According to media reports in England, Liverpool has decided to activate the Villa striker Bent 32.5 million pounds of liquidated damages clause, the Belgian international has been very close to joining Liverpool.

Liverpool last season, the league only scored 52 goals, signings imperative for the front line, but this is the Liverpool Turk have long admired the goal from Genk to join Aston Villa in 2012 so far, this special 101 grams of appearances and scored 49 goals, performance is very efficient.

“Sky Sports” the news source said that Liverpool has decided to sign by activating the penalty of the Turk, the current “Sky Betting” has stopped betting on this Turk at home. Reported in the past 48 hours, is also trying to sign Manchester United this Turk, they have lost Robin van Persie and Falcao two strikers, also we need to be signings striker. But Liverpool will look to sign one step ahead of the Turk.

Earlier this week, Villa boss Sherwood said he did not want to sell this Turk, but if the club offer reached 32.5 million pounds, then Villa will not do anything: “If someone matching the buy-out clause, there would be nothing can not be done, but before that happens, he (Bent) or Villa players, we will be glad of this. I think there are 6-7 Liverpool striker, I do not know how much they need a striker. We know this Turk is an excellent player and we hope to keep him. ”

If this Turk to 32.5 million pounds transfer fee to join Liverpool, he will become the second player in team history a high transfer fee, after the 2011 Carol to 35 million pounds from Newcastle to join. And he will become the highest transfer fee of players in Belgium